Local Program Manager (LPM)
Program “Support Quality Infrastructure in Agadir countries-Phase two”
Funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)

1. POSITION REQIRED: Local Program Manager (LPM), Amman

The Agadir process was initiated in Agadir in May 2001 by the four Arab – Mediterranean countries of Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan. Through the declaration, the four countries expressed their intention to establish a free- trade area between them.

This initiative was supported by the E.U. as it could be an important contribution in leading the objectives of the Barcelona process.

The key element in this strategic partnership between the E.U. and Arab Mediterranean region is to eliminate all barriers to trade and to facilitate investment which will enhance development and boost trade in the region. The implementation of Agadir Agreement started since March 27th 2007, The Agadir Technical Unit (ATU) is the regional organization responsible for managing the Agadir process and works as the Secretariat for the Agreement.

In February 2014, the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) has approved 4 years and a half programme to be implemented through the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) and the Agadir Technical Unit (ATU) in Amman, Jordan on “Support the Quality Infrastructure in Agadir Countries-Phase two”.

The overall objective of the programme is to support the Member countries of the Agadir Agreement in enhancing the implementation of the agreement through establishing necessary systems and structures to bring down technical barriers to trade.

The overall outcome is: systems and structures are nationally and regionally implemented to use for harmonise mandatory requirements (technical regulations), voluntary standards, and enforcement of national mandatory requirements, in order to bring down technical barriers to trade.

The specific outcomes of the project are:
A) Ensuring an agreed common approach among the member states of Agadir Agreement regarding the content of phase 2 of the programme, regarding harmonization of mandatory requirements between the countries on the national markets, harmonisation of relevant voluntary standards and harmonisation of the national enforcement mechanisms to reach equivalence between the national systems;
BA) Establishment of function at ATU to support the signatory countries to fulfil the overall outcome of the programme;
BB) Managerial structures between the countries and ATU are fully implemented;
C) Identify actual details of existing technical barriers to trade in the selected product areas to support the harmonisation processes;
D) Harmonized mandatory requirements on selected products areas
E) Harmonized voluntary standards in the selected products areas.
F) Harmonized enforcement of national mandatory requirements based on internationally accepted best practices.

The LPM will report directly to the Executive President of the ATU. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
He/she will perform and manage the tasks ATU is responsible for according to the second phase of the programme and the agreement between Swedac and ATU. This includes but not limited to the following

Key Responsibilities:
- Ensure that the project outputs are achieved as identified in the Project Documents and as advised and instructed by the Project Steering Committee
- Day-by-day operations of the programme from the Agadir countries side.
- Operational management of the achievement of project outcomes and outputs according to the project documents, relevant agreements and procedures.
- Under the supervision of the ATU and in collaboration of SWEDAC, ensure that all implementation arrangements are carried out smoothly.
- Prepare and update project work plans, yearly budget in collaboration with the Swedac.
- Organization and management of program activities according to the work plan to produce the envisaged outputs.
- Ensure timely preparation and submission of all programme reports (financial-inception-progress-final).
- Securing proper use of program budget.
- Timely preparation and submission of the Annual Progress Report and any other substantial reports required.
- Reporting to the ATU on a regular/adhoc basis.
- Identification and resolution of implementation problems.
- Work as a secretariat and facilitator for the Programme Steering Committee (PSC) meetings.

- Prepare Work Plan in accordance to output delivery in cooperation with Swddac.
- Draft ToRs for experts and subcontractors for the different activities of the programme, organize tenders for experts according to ToRs approved (finds experts) in cooperation with Swddac.
- Oversee the financial management of the project under the supervision of ATU and in cooperation with Swedac.
- Sets tasks and deadlines for short term experts and subcontractors and oversee their performance.
- Prepare all necessary documentation and presentations for the PSC meetings.
- Prepare and submit all necessary reports as required by the ATU and the PSC.
- Ensure that financial procedures of ATU, Sida and Swedac are followed.
- Facilitate and cooperate with audit and monitory processes at all times as required.
- Organize and undertake seminars and workshops in consultations with short term experts,.
- Organize and oversee any missions abroad set during the period of the project lifetime and prepare all mission statements.
- Prepare and maintain meeting minutes and reports in coordination with ATU.
- Carry out and manage any procurement under the project within the supervision of and in cooperation with the ATU.
- Manage the project resources e.g. office equipment, furniture and stationery procured required
- Supervise the database of project experts as well as database of project stakeholders and beneficiaries.
- Organize and coordinate evaluation of the project.
- Perform any other tasks in his/her domain of expertise as may be requested by the ATU and the Steering Committee within the framework of project activities.
- Perform any other administrative tasks as may be delegated by the ATU within the framework of project activities.
- Create an effective relations and communication with the project consultant in Sweden (Swedac) in order to achieve the objectives of the project.

Applicants must have a university degree in engineering, economics, business administration or any other related fields from reputed institution.

- At least 10 years of professional experience in Quality Infrastructure (conformity assessment, standardization and Technical regulations, accreditation and meteorology)
- Previous experience in working in the relevant authorities (conformity assessment, technical regulations and standardizations bodies) in the region.
Fully aware of the ongoing efforts on harmonization in the region bilaterally, regionally and with EU.

- At least 2 years of professional experience, in planning and managing relevant technical assistance projects.
- Proven experience in the region and EU/Mediterranean process and context
- Fully aware of WTO/ TBT agreement and relevant EU legislations, especially EU harmonization process and its implementation.
- Excellent facilitation, interpersonal communication, organization, coordination and reporting skills, including creative ability to provide initiatives to improve the capacity building and training (experience working with the private sector is considered an asset).

Skills and Attributes:
- Knowing Arabic, English and French
- Competency in building relationships and alliances across diverse organizations and countries;
- Ability to effectively represent the project at various forums;
- Strong leadership and management skills including financial and accounting principles
- Team player with strong training and monitoring skills;
- Willing to undertake frequent field trips to different places in the region.
- Excellent reporting skills in both Arabic and English,
- Ability to provide initiatives to improve the capacity building and training
- Excellent computer skills.
- Strong analytical skills.
- Experience in working successfully with multi-cultural teams.

$8000 (eight thousands US Dollars) per month.

The duration of the project is 4 years, The LPM shall initially be contracted for the second phase of the project for six months, and the contract may be extended, subject to the satisfactory performance.

Amman, Jordan

Interested candidates should send a CV in English language with detailed previous experiences, activities and positions as well as duplicate copy of education certificates and cover letter to describe interest and relevance to the position to:

Agadir Technical Unit
P.O.Box: 830487
Zip Code:11183
Amman, Jordan

Email address:

The deadline for sending the C.V is 15 days from the date of publishing the advertisement in the news paper.
Please write on the envelope: LPM CV

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